It’s easy to do the same thing over and over again, to get comfortable in a style, vision or an Instagram rhythm (because metrics are dictating the direction of your work). It’s easy to keep on with the thing you are known for, hired for, because the process and the outcome are predictable.

(But, what if your creative heart is yearning for something more? something much deeper and profound?)

And what if you are on the other end of the spectrum? You create and make and try to grow but you aren’t satisfied with the outcome? There doesn’t seem to be any movement. You want new work be proud of. You want feedback that fuels you. You want a breakthrough.

(But, you don’t know how to make it happen.)

These are the signs that it’s time to take what you currently know and blow it wide open so that you can see farther and wider than ever before. So that, you can step into radical new work and thinking about your process. So that, you can make work that leaves your heart beating fast from the excitement and inspires you to keep going.

Our time together won’t be about formulas or perfection, business mentoring, portfolio editing, curation or instant success — all the stuff that can make for a really good headache. Instead, our time together holds the space for play and breath, breakthroughs and relief, and a deeper awareness and acceptance of what you truly want to make in your work.

Sometimes, all we need to move forward is the act of giving ourselves permission to do so.

Tierney panel painting.jpg

There are two types of Art Making Days available:

The Quick & Dirty Virtual Session

You show up with the questions and the ideas, I’ll guide you in the process of expanding what you see or are having difficulty in clarifying (such as a fragment of an idea.)

Once you sign up for a session, you’ll receive a brief questionnaire via email to help us prepare for our time together when we might build on mood boards, look over whole bodies of work, go deep into creative visions and what’s holding you back from making them.

Virtual sessions are perfect for the creative (the painter, printmaker, photographer) who can’t commit to a lengthy mentoring program, is on a low production budget and/or who can’t make an in-person session but is craving some co-creation and wants on-the-fly feedback to fuel ideas, move forward with decisions and reach a higher octave of their work.

Duration: 45min.

Location: Zoom


The Half-Day In-Person Session

You show up with the questions and the ideas, I’ll prepare us the space and the materials to work those visions into reality.

In this 4hr in-person session we’ll jam about lighting, draping, posing, florals, food, fashion, fantasy, planning, executing, post production and anything and everything art-making.

We’ll push boundaries, concepts and all the fears around getting messy and being too much.

And you’ll leave with a new set of radical images ready to use in your portfolio.

In-person Art Making Days are perfect for individuals and groups (of photographers, small brand owners, cooks and recipe makers) who want to explore concepts they’ve been dreaming about for a long time, but have been too afraid to make on their own.

Duration: 4hr.

Location: Moab, Utah